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Guest Information

Arrival at Club

As you approach the Clubhouse, look for the bag drop area next to the front entrance. You may park your car yourself or have it valet parked. Inside the front door of the Clubhouse, the locker rooms and Golf Shop are to your left and the lounge and dining areas are to your right.

Dress Code

The Haven’s dress code for adults is smart casual, except as noted below. Children’s dress is casual, but bathing suits are not permitted in the Clubhouse except in the Locker Rooms.

On the golf course, gentlemen must wear tucked in, collared shirts and appropriate length golf shorts or slacks. Cargo-type shorts and slacks are not permitted on the course, nor is denim. Caps must be worn forward. Please note that we are a soft spike facility.

In the Clubhouse, gentlemen are asked to remove their caps except when in the Golf Shop or Locker Room. Clean, unfrayed denim is permitted in the Clubhouse. Gentlemen may not wear open-toed footwear, with or without socks, anywhere in the Clubhouse except in the Locker Room. Gentlemen arriving or leaving the Club in open-toed footwear are asked to enter and leave the Clubhouse via the Locker Room.

At the pool, tennis courts, and fitness area, and between those areas and the Locker Rooms, non-collared shirts are permitted. Bathing suits are permitted only in the pool area.

Mobile Devices

Upon arrival at the Club, please set all mobile phones to silent operation (vibrate setting is permitted). Except in the Locker Rooms, cell phone conversations are prohibited in the Clubhouse. Texting and other finger-only functions are permitted. On the golf course, or in other outdoor areas when no one else is nearby, non-disruptive cell phone conversations are permitted so long as others are not disturbed.


Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas, including the golf course. All cigarettes and cigars must be disposed of in an appropriate container.